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Commissioning a Portrait

Commissioning a portrait or painting is a fantastic way to create a timeless memory. Think outside the box of just a simple head study You have a vision – let me help you create it.


See the current price list here.



So, how do we make this happen?


  1. Vision: Head studies are a classic way to portray a horse or pet, but if you have something else in mind let me know! Subjects and elements from various photos can be combined. Don't have your own horse, but have a special idea for a painting I haven't done yet? You can commission me to paint it for you. That's how "Widget Watch" came about!

  2.  Photos: The right photos are vital to the process. If you have high-quality photos, great! As long you have written permission for any professional photos, we can use thought. If not, and you're within an hour of me (Napanee, Ontario), I can come take photos, and include that in the price of the portrait (and you get all the photos as well). Too far away? I strongly suggest hiring a pro, but have a look at my guide "5 Tips for Great photos" if you're taking your own.

  3. Commitment: In order to secure your spot (because there is always a bit of a wait list) I typically take a 50% deposit. If you'd like to break payment down into more installments, I'm happy to work with you to come up with a plan.

  4. Action! Once I have the perfect photos, and you've shared your vision and story, I can get to work. I'm happy to share progress images with you as you go, or you can just wait for the reveal! You will have a chance to approve the finished portrait before delivery.


Portraits are completed using Old Holland Oil Paints on a high-quality archival surface – canvas, panel, or linen. If you have a surface preference, please let me know!


Please note time for completion can change depending on my current workload. Plan early for special occasions and holidays! Price lists are a guideline only - if you have something specific in mind, let's talk! You can email me at

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