Frequently asked questions

Do you only paint horses?

No, I paint all animals, and humans too! Horses, dogs and cats are my most common subjects, but I've also painted cows, goats, sheep, various birds, and probably some other species I'm forgetting. I've also studied landscape, and once was commissioned to paint a LeMans car!

Can you do a custom painting for me?

Yes, absolutely. These are called commissions. You don't have to have a cherished animal to commission a painting (though this is the most common). I've had people ask me to paint one of the photos of my own horses I've shared; I've painted special scenes or memories (including people, buildings and landscapes). I've even done some fun abstract stuff. If you have an idea, let's talk!

What do you need from me to do a painting for me?

The most important thing, for a realistic painting, is good quality photos. The more information I can see in the photos, the better the finished painting! You can download my guide to getting good photos on my commissions page. Often I get to meet my subjects when I come and take photos, and you can tell me their story in person. If I'm working from your photos, take a few moments and write it down! It helps me get to know them better when I hear about your own special connection. I also take a deposit on all commissions, and I'm happy to work with you on designing an installment plan.

Why horses?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? There's a longer answer to that for me, but my artist's statement is a briefer one: The horse has been depicted in art throughout history, and I believe equine art remains a legitimate art form – it requires not only knowledge of a difficult subject, but also the portrayal of landscapes and figures, in order to produce a believable result. While in my work I aim to master all of these facets, to me, painting is more than just the accurate rendering of anatomy. In society today, horses fulfill a far different role from the workhorses and warhorses of the past. They are confidantes, teachers, comedians and much more, and it is my goal to share these traits with the viewer.