My name is Linda Shantz, and I’ve been drawing animals – mostly horses – since I could hold a crayon.

I have a soft spot for Border Collies and off-track Thoroughbreds, with a barn full of the latter (not all mine!) and a silly new black and white puppy who keeps me smiling.

My art education isn’t a formal one; instead, I’ve spent hours drawing and painting. Hours in the barn, interacting and watching.

I love to study anatomy, but more than that, I love studying quirks and mannerisms, conversations and personalities. I don’t want to just paint beautiful creatures; I want to capture the part of them that touches our souls.

My work has been collected and exhibited worldwide. You can read more about that in my CV.   While I'm best known as a horse artist, I also do dog portraits, cat portraits, and other species!

Most recently, I've added "author" to my accomplishments. There are now eight books in the Good Things Come series. As for them at your favourite store or library.

Photo of Linda with Gracie, her chestnut mare