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Because Art Is Good For You

So, I did a thing. A thing for all of us who love to draw, might want to draw, and who love horses! I've published a couple of drawing/sketching prompt sketchbooks.

Each book has thirty drawing prompts, and it can be done like a thirty-day challenge (or not, if you prefer!). The books are a handy, take-anywhere 9 x 7 size – easy to stick in a bag or purse. You can draw from life, from your imagination, or from reference photos. BYOP (bring your own pencil!).

As a bonus, I've set up a Facebook group for those who purchase the books (one, or both!). We'll share reference photos and encouragement, and from time to time I'll also give helpful tips.

They're available on Amazon worldwide. I'll provide the links to the US and Canadian sites here, but if you search my name - Linda Shantz - they'll come up.

There is much research to support that drawing and sketching is good for you, both physically and mentally, regardless of your skill level. I'd love to have you in the group. Are you in?

Click here to see the books at Amazon USA 

Click here to see the books at Amazon Canada

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