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“Good Things Come,” A Canadian Horse Racing Novel

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

By Linda Shantz

Imported from my Canadian Thoroughbred in Fine Art Blog

I started the story that became Good Things Come when I was about eight. My favourite books as a child were The Black Stallion series and Marguerite Henry’s Black Gold and King of the Wind, and while what I wrote way back then was definitely influenced by them, I was writing the book I wanted to read, which was about the Queen’s Plate instead of the usual Derby stories. I had a fascination with the Plate from very early on, and never understood why there weren’t novels about it!

While the basic premise of the story didn’t change – a couple of twentysomethings with a dream prepare a quirky young Thoroughbred to run in Canada’s most prestigious race, the Queen’s Plate – the depth of my knowledge expanded, as I grew up and dedicated my life to working with these athletes. The result is my debut novel, released this fall. If you’d like to read the first chapter, you can sign up to my list here.

Available worldwide in Kindle and paperback format though Amazon.

Look for the sequel in the spring of 2021!

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