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Let June Begin!

Penny and Tori starting off on cross-country at Cherrylane Horse Trials on June 1/19.

Saturday being the first of June was a bit significant for me, from a work perspective. A client came to pick up a recently-finished commission. That might not seem like a big deal, but it is always an important day for me.

I'm not sure why, after over 30 years of doing commissions, I still get stressed at that moment, but I do! It's always a relief to know the portrait is a) safely in their hands, and b) a success! They had approved it electronically, and that gives me a high level of confidence because art always looks better in person, but it's extra-nice to get that reaction from them. This was a fairly involved portrait, which took about six months, so having it completed and delivered is a happy thing.

Here's the catch – I can't share it yet! It won't be presented to the intended recipient until the end of the month, so I can't risk showing it! Sorry!

I have two more commissions-in-progress right now, but getting that big one done frees me up to start a new one, which will happen this week. That one I can show progress on, so it will be fun to be able to share the steps as I go...even if it's a far simpler portrait.

I've also finished a few speculative pieces in the past few weeks, and recently had them professionally photographed for portfolio purposes. Today I sent out an email out to my mailing list, because I always give them the first opportunity to purchase new work (and always at special prices). If you're not on my list, look for the signup page here on the site at! I'd love to have you there!

At the top you'll see how I spent the morning of June a local horse trial, watching a couple of friends compete. One can never have too many reference photos, right? :-D

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