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Okay, So Maybe Next Week!

I did intend to do part three of my painting chestnuts this week, but I'm going to leave it for a week. I don't want to just do a quick job of it, and that's what would happen right now!

I haven't painted in a couple of days because of other commitments – being an artist, at least being a working professional artist, is about more than just painting. On Sunday I went up to a nearby showgrounds where there was a dressage show happening, and took some photos as potential references for future paintings. A friend of mine (who also rode my mare when I was off with my broken arm, and with whom I've also done some lessons with my mare) was showing her gelding Grand Prix. Rudy is twenty-one now – so impressive to see him and Katrina strutting their stuff in the sandring.

Monday (yesterday!) I delivered a painting, and visited the subject of that painting, his famous pony companion, Peanut, and their person. It was a lovely visit. I've also painted the pony, but had never met him. He's just as charming and adorable in person as he is in his Instagram account! He was rescued from very dire circumstances – the fact that he survived those circumstances is a testament to his toughness. He's a warrior! You can follow him on Instagram at @ponynamed_peanut.

I'm itching to get back to painting, because I have three pieces which are very nearly done. Too late to do anything tonight...maybe tomorrow?

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