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Run With A Mighty Heart!

Mighty Heart will always be very special to me. 2020 was a wild and crazy time for all of us, I'd sure everyone would agree. Just a couple of weeks after I published my debut novel, Good Things Come, a story that is centred around the Queen's Plate and stars a quirky little filly, this quirky little colt was a welcome dose of life imitating art. Instant fangirl here. Sign me up!

When I learned Jennifer Morrison was planning to write his tale as her own debut book, I was already looking forward to reading the story behind Mighty Heart. It was fun to learn more about familiar names and faces, good racing people who I've encountered through both my paintings and my own involvement in the Canadian racing industry.

I loved this little book. At a time when horse racing in North America is inundated with such negativity, it was refreshing to read a positive, feel-good book about a wonderful little Canadian horse surrounded by a team of good people. This is the horse racing I grew up to love!

I don't read much non-fiction, but this book was a light, effortless read. Here's to a stellar season for Mightly Heart in 2022 so we get a sequel!

Buy it on Amazon (this is my affiliate link, so I get a couple of pennies toward feeding my ponies if you use it!) or search your favourite retailer!

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