Soaring Into 2019

Designing a new website is a daunting task. Something gets sacrificed in the process – in my case, painting time! Now that it's launched, with just some tweaking left to do, I'm looking forward to getting some solid time at the easel.

I don't always do a word for the year – and I realize that it's March now – but this year I decided it's "Soar," and I did a painting to commemorate it. I've had this one in mind for quite some time, and it did not come easy when I finally got started, because I was dealing with a difficult reference and high expectations! But I'm happy with the result, inspired by the energy of a yearling loving life, and ready to take on the rest of the year.

"Soar," 18 x 22 oil on canvas.

This Blue October song is where the title of the painting came from.


I'd love for you to visit my studio (and meet the horses!) in Milton, Ontario (Canada). Please contact me to set up a time!

Phone: 905.854-2106


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