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Linda Shantz Artist & Author

All The Best Things (Good Things Come Book 6) e-book

All The Best Things (Good Things Come Book 6) e-book

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“Does he have a brother?”

Everyone jokes when they say that, but Emilie’s crush — who married her sister — does. And he’s hot. Pro hockey player-hot. Except when she met Tim at the wedding, he was basically rude, then after messaging her at Christmas, he ghosted her.

When her brother-in-law invites him to the farm to recuperate from an injury, she’s determined Tim’s not getting another chance. She’ll endure his presence while he’s around but stay out of his way. It should be easy, with her busy life.


Tim’s supposed to be living the dream of a career as a professional hockey player, but after a brief stint in the NHL he was sent back to the minors… then got hurt. Now his whole career is in jeopardy, and what is he going to do if he can’t play anymore?

Visiting his brother might be just the thing to get himself into shape for training camp, but there’s one problem — Emilie. He messed up with her, not once, but twice. What’s it going to take to convince her he’s not the guy she thinks he is when every time he tries, things go sideways?

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