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Linda Shantz Artist & Author

Shiny Little Things (Good Things Come Book 8) e-book

Shiny Little Things (Good Things Come Book 8) e-book

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When Faye met Will, all she wanted was a fling. Someone to get her over the guy she made the mistake of falling for and remind her why it's safer to never get attached. But her heart had other ideas, and two and a half years later, here they are.

Everyone's pestering them to get married. Easy for them to say, with their shiny perfect relationships. Faye's attached to Will quite enough, thank you very much. She doesn't need something shiny on her finger to prove it.

Besides, Will's kept one foot in the city, while Faye is committed to the small town café she runs. Thanks to Will, who arranged the takeover — and no thanks to Will, who she'd thought would be helping her.

Instead, counting down to Christmas Faye's trying to keep her head above water, with events to plan, baking orders to fill, charities to support — and oh, did she mention she agreed to help her very undomestic best friend pull off Christmas dinner for her family? Why, Faye?

All Faye wants is for the mad seasonal rush at the café to be over so she can have a nice, quiet break on the farm — and finally figure out what's wrong with her and Will. But when Will announces his mother is coming for the holidays, it might be the final straw — sending her running back to the damaged version of herself she thought she left behind.

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