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Linda Shantz Artist & Author

This Good Thing (Good Things Come Book 4) - audiobook

This Good Thing (Good Things Come Book 4) - audiobook

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If the sum total of Liv Lachance's self-worth is the collection of all the things she's done, she's coming up short. Three-quarters of a veterinary degree. Two-thirds of a Canadian Triple Crown. With her star racehorse Chique retired, she's feeling adrift, and her father's racing stable, Triple Stripe, is without a Big Horse.

She decides it's time to throw herself back into her career as a jockey, even if her impending marriage to fellow rider Nate Miller incites conflict of interest rumblings. But life has other ideas for Liv when a death in the family and illness in the Triple Stripe ranks turn everything upside-down.

The saving grace is that Big Horse? He's waiting in plain sight. But as she realizes how far this Big Horse might take her, she's finally learning that her greatest accomplishments are about so much more than winning races.
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