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"To The Pole," original oil painting

"To The Pole," original oil painting

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Racehorses don't get to go fast every single day they train, but when that (in most cases) one day a week comes they get to show speed, they know it! Everything is a little bit different. The martingale they wear most days to train comes off. They might have a different rider up, often the jockey who will ride them in a race. And if they're extra-eager, they might get a pony horse escort to their starting point, "the pole."  Sometimes the pony gets fired up too!

I shot the reference for this painting at Woodbine one morning a couple of years ago. The racehorse is one I worked with, and I always loved this big heavy pony, BJ, and how much he enjoyed his job. Sometimes I love the simplicity of remaining monochrome, focusing strictly on tone in the absence of colour.

24 x 24 oil on gallery wrap canvas. No framing necessary, but it can certainly be framed to your taste.

Payment plans are always available for my paintings; just contact me if you'd like to set one up.

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